Monday, January 12, 2009

Some more thoughts about my previous post.

I just feel like I need to clarify about somethings that I put in my post titled, "I can't take it anymore."
I stated that I have been lied to for over 40 years by those who love me.
I would just like to add that I also had lied to people over those same issues. I believed that way also. So it is not a oneway street. I still feel that we need to stop imposing Old Testament laws on New Testament believers.
I am hung up on the tithe issue especially. I was a big advocate of the tithe. I was good at quoting the same old Malachi scripture. Then I would be upset if people weren't tithing, thinking they were doing God a disservice.
If you read the Old Testament laws about tithing you will see that it consisted of grains and animals. Not money!
Plus that was for old Israel. We are converted Gentiles.
I was telling a brother the other day that I know of a lot of people who struggle everyday with not having enough money to feed their families and yet they would give the tithe. Their family would suffer for the sake of paying to the "Levites" and to the building fund or whatever else.
You see we have imposed an Old Testament law in order to justify paying the "clergy" or other non essential things.
People should be able to decide where to give their money as God wills. We don't need a deacon board to give our money to something. If I have the money and someone has a need I am able to do as needed without permission.
A brother pointed out the other day how the scripture "worthy of double honor" is used to justify paying a pastor. He stated if that is the case and that pastor was being paid $40,000 then all those he "shepherds" should be paid $20,000 for their honor. You see we have taken the incorruptable and corrupted it.
We have an abundance of offices in place to do the work of a few. So we need more money to pay for this extra expense.
How many cheerful givers are there in a church every Sunday when they are struggling to make ends meet? How many pastors are there getting paid a good salary when there are people in the congregation who struggle wondering where their next meal will come?
So I say this don't believe the tells being told, when someone gives Old Testament scripture to back up something that is not New Testament.
Granted the New Testament says to give it all away, but not to the church or pastor. No to the work of where Christ would have you put it.


Like a Mustard Seed said...

I'm glad you mentioned the whole matter of tithing, cuz it infuriates me too...

Lately, I've been thinking about how many ways we create mediators for things within the body... The whole idea of giving to a local congregation (i.e. non-profit org.)and then, having it redistributed through "deacons" to those who are in need, is so ridiculous. Not to mention that most of the money doesn't get to the needy at all, but even if it did, we're just relying on a select few to do what God calls us all to do. To find those who are in need around us, and to ourselves be the ones to step out, and try and help someone else...

I suppose if the modern, mediated concept of giving was applied to say, the parable of the Good Samaritan, then instead of the Samaritan putting the man on his donkey, and taking him to an inn, we would've continued on his way, waited till the Sabbath, gave some money to the local synagogue, and then hoped that the religious officials would get a chance to help the man on the side of the road....

Steven Owen said...

Wow, Daniel why don't you tell me what you really think. Joking of course.
Your point about the Good Samaritan is great. That may have to be another blog subject.
Sort of a remix.
Thanks Brother