Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can't take it anymore....

For 40 years of my life I had been lied to by people who love me.
Not my family, but the institutional churches.
You see the first 26 years of my life was spent in the Catholic faith. After I was married my wife and I got back into going to the Catholic Church. It was some years later that I started questioning why we baptize infants. I could not get a straight answer. Then after she and were youth ministers there I felt like we were supposed to leave. My wife originally joined just to be in a church. You see at first I wasn't going to go anywhere except to the Catholic Church.
It was during a parish meeting that I really felt compelled to get out. An older man had commented that he felt we needed to have more devotions to Mary. As that was said, I felt like a chalk board was being scratched. Oh!! I didn't know what was wrong with that comment, but I just felt it wasn't right. That's when the Lord pulled us out.
After a while of being out of the church system, we found a great fellowship of believers in a Charismatic non-denominational church that was grounded in truth also. We stayed there for ten years and again things started to change and the Lord moved us to a whole new state.
We then found a group of Baptist/non-denominational believers. The fellowship was wonderful there also. I learned more of the reformed teachings.
Now after 4 years I started to get questions in my heart on why we do certain things when it is not in the Bible. Again no one could give a direct answer. Then I found a book called Pagan Christianity. God lead me to that book as it was in the reformed section of the local Christian book store. Needless to say I devoured it. Then I later found out my good friend and co-worker in Christ was reading a book Ecclesia. My questions were being answered.
My heart is torn since I don't understand how the body could have gotten so far off base from the scriptural church.
So when I say I have been lied to where I am going is this;
We the people are a priesthood not just one or two in a group.
We the people are not "lay" people.
We the people should not have a distinction between "clergy" and "laity".
We the people don't have to "tithe" to the "Levites".
We the people can all bring a "teaching" to a service according to scripture.
We the people can bring a song or a hymn not just a "worship leader".
We the people have been fed lies about "worship leaders' and "assitant pastors".
We the people don't have to sit in a chair or pew and face one person in order to have "church".
We the people are to all participate in meetings.
We the people have been told that tithing is New Testament, which it isn't. We are to give all and not just to a building, but to those who have need.
We the people have been told the gifts have ceased.
We the people have been told apostles, prophets are no longer around.
We the people are told what to read and what will be taught because we are to "obey our rulers.
We the people need to seek God and ask Him how His church is to operate.
We the people need to know it is not a one man show on Sundays.
We the people must repent and believe the full gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We the people must pray for one another.
We the people must go out and reach the lost and not just talk about it.
We the people must teach our own families the scripture and not depend on a "Sunday school teacher to do it'.
So there you go this is not an exhaustive list, just a portion of what is on my heart.
I urge all to read the scripture and do research to know the truth.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was like reading the Preamble of the Bill of Rights!

Tommy said...

Amen, but hang in there it will all work out in the end.

Steven Owen said...

The points people bring against what I say all point back to the Old Testament. I thought we were in the New Testament promise now?

Like a Mustard Seed said...

Nice list....

For me, any time I hear those terms "clergy" or "laity", or "layperson", I get that same fingernails-on-the-chalkboard feeling! Drives me nuts.

I find myself now, in conversations with people who refuse to question the moder system, having difficulty showing people that they are constantly appealing to the Old Covenant to justify modern practices, rather than what Jesus came to usher in (the New Covenant). I think part of the difficulty stems from the fact that most people do not even understand what the Old and New Covenants are in the first place!