Monday, January 19, 2009

Father please forgive them for they know not what they do.

The words speak for themself. How awesome was it of Jesus to ask the Father to forgive the very people who were going to crucify Him! Is this something we could do when faced with a situation?
We are told in the scripture to forgive one another and that if we don't then the Father won't forgive us.
Before we even start to pray to the Lord we are told if we have anything against another we are to get it corrected. The situation is Christians are still human. We have a flesh that must be crucified daily. We have an adversary in the devil who wants nothing more than for us to fail.
Plus we have the world we live in to deal with.
All of these things combined make our life a little more difficult. Plus Jesus said that we would have tribulation. Sometimes that will mean getting hurt by someone we love. Yet we still must forgive them. We are also told to love our enemies.
Jesus loved his enemies so much that he died for us. Yes, I said us! We were at emnity with God before Jesus died and rose again. There are countless others still in that state.
What would make us think we are too good to forgive someone who hurts or hates us.
How many times are we to forgive? 7 times? No, Jesus said 7 times 70!
So please if you have any unresolved issues in your life from past hurts or current ones. Don't put it off. Forgive those who hurt you no matter what.
We all have pride and we must realize that pride is sin. So look past the issues and seek forgiveness and also forgive those who trespass against you.


Republic Ranger said...

I think mark 23 are sacred words that release others from karma from tresspassing on you,. The I'm going to get even thing is a test from the creator to see if you have advanced spiritually ,. Using this verse releases the ther from karma and is the ultimate sign that you have advanced to the highest spiritual level, it shows you have faith and you know enough to know that there is a universal plan ,. Falling into the trap of revenge will cause you to repeat your life as many times as it takes to get it right. Reincarnation was a deleted book from the ghosphals ,. I recommend the study of The Ra material a five volume set ( an ancient astronaut speaks ) to fill in the gaps of understanding as the bible was censored by Constitine .

SOwen said...

Republic Ranger,thank you for visiting Biblically Speaking. Although I do not agree with your comment with karma. As that is not a biblical thought nor is it a part of Christianity. Our life as believers in Christ depend wholly on Christ and Him crucified. Any other way is a way that leads one away from Christ. Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the only way for us to follow. We reap what we sow etc. is rooted in our life in heaven not our life on this earth. Forgiveness is a gift from the Father in heaven ultimately demonstrated on the cross when His Son Jesus was crucified for our sins. Put your trust wholly in Christ and Him crucified.

Thank you!