Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jesus our salvation. The cross and our sanctification.

How many Christians struggle? Jesus said that we would have tribulations on this earth. He didn't promise us a peaceful life. He warned us that persecution would come. I am somewhat frustrated with evangelist on the tv. saying come to Jesus and you will have a wonderful life. Or come to Jesus and He name it. They don't tell you that when you come to Jesus yes at first you will experience peace. Then God stops carrying us and we have to start walking out our faith.
I for one struggle everyday with lust of the flesh. Honestly how many of us do? Especially we men, but we don't have to wallow in our struggles. It is not a oh is me thing. No, the Lord provided a way. The cross of Christ! Not crucifying Jesus again. No, but taking up our cross, crucifying the flesh. Sanctification! We are being sanctified. The Lord reminded me the other day about how we tend to want to go back to what we are familiar with. Not all of us, but some.
You see I have an issue with sodas. I can't seem to kick the habit. I used to be an alcoholic. I say used to be, because God delivered me from it in 1996. I have no desire to drink alcohol anymore. I could walk in a bar and not be tempted. That is deliverence. The other day as I was coming from a persons house the Lord put on my heart Psalm 23:1. "The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want." When you look up the word want it means need. I have no need, since the Lord is my shepherd. We should be content with Christ. He is our all in all.
Then the Lord brought me to Ephesians 4. I urge you to read that. Then when you finish there read Colossians 3. These are some great scriptures that remind us to have the mind of Christ. To have the mind of Christ means we should have no wants. That is where the cross comes into our sanctification. Everything we go through has already been nailed to the cross. The cross is the means of our sanctification. Take up your cross if you are struggling with sexual immorality, anger, lust etc. . We should do this daily. I urge you to read the scriptures I have pointed out and pray for the Lord to guide you in your walk.
He is our Father who created us and He provided our way to victory.
You see when I was an alcoholic I didn't need AA. No, I needed Jesus. Now I am realizing that with my other bad habit. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. In Him everything was finished on the cross. Praise God!

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