Friday, May 8, 2009

A word re-revealed to me.

This morning my wife and I were speaking about something she dreamt about. It was a dream she feels from God. I agreed as the scripture the Lord spoke to her was one the Lord has given me a lot in my life.
"Be still and know I am God" Psalm 46:10
This goes along way with me. Especially as of late. I have been really trying to stay focused on what the Lord has for me and my family. A lot has changed in the last year and has really changed in the last 6 months.
So much so that I am not ministering where I once was a few months ago. All because the Lord has different plans for me. He allowed me to work with some wonderful men and women of God in the past few years and now it is time to move on again.
As I stated in earlier post this move doesn't mean me leaving my city and going to live somewhere else. No it all has to do with stopping everything in a sense and waiting on Him again.
Sometimes we can get all caught up in a work that was started by the Lord and then throughout the days He is no longer in it. Then it just becomes another situation where nothing seems to be going right. Or if it is still going the joy is not there anymore.
That is a time when we need to be still and listen. God has done this to me many many times in my life. I am no exception when it comes to walking with God. I just know how He deals with me.
My life is not my own and I don't ever want to live it as if it is again.
I have posted many things on this blog in the last six months. Especially the way the church meets and how the leadership structure is wrong in the modern church.
That has not changed. I am although going into a different direction. As I feel inadequate to blog about those topics and I have fellow Christian family who are better equipped for those subjects.
So I again would recommend any number of the blogs I have listed on the side of this blog if you want to learn more on the ecclesia.
My heart has always been toward the working of the Holy Spirit, prayer and the ministering of the word.
In recent months I have done some, but not all. I also have gotten side tracked and ran with things I wasn't ordained by God to do.
I also have been very critical in the way I view how the modern preachers all hang their teeth on what other modern preachers are saying.
Again not to say we shouldn't be listening or learning off one another. Though with that being said, we should also not take everything that is being said by others as the spoken word of God.
So if you ask or have asked what is wrong with reading and learning from other authors?
I shall say nothing is wrong with it at all. Except when people try to use it as the very word of God and ignore the written word.
That is where I am coming from in all saying these things.
Also it has been asked what is wrong with some pastors/teachers giving the sheep study questions to take home and work on during the week with the family members.
Which I shall say nothing is wrong as it sounds like a good thing. Though I never clarified it that way before. The area where I see a problem is that "can" make someone lazy. In some cases to where the thing that is meant to help can turn into a hinderance.
There comes a time when a child has to take the training wheels off the bike in order to learn how to balance and ride it on their own.
You see we have good intentions, but sometimes those good intentions can get in the way of what God is doing in someones life.
So please forgive me as I know I have come off pretty hard on this blog in the past few months.
I only do so to stir things up.
I have tried to do write things with clarity and concern along with trying to do it without sounding harsh. Yet my words I type don't match up with how I am feeling.
I have a passionate heart for the things of God and it shows in how I deal with people.
For too long there has been a passive movement in the body which in turn makes most people think you aren't using enough grace. When bringing up issues.
I would hate to think of how people would handle Paul or Jesus if they were to walk into some of our meetings today. Could tables be turned over? Would Paul rebuke us as he did Peter?
You see for the sake of getting our heads out of the sand there sometimes needs to be a little reality check.
In saying all of this I have so much love for the body of Christ.
It has been and always will be my mission to try and exhort, stir and build up people in anyway possible. We have to be sargents at times as well as privates.
This walk we are in can cost lives. We can be the best teacher and yet never get the truth to become reality. We can be the best servant and yet fail to see that we are doing too much.
Now I suppose the conclusion of this.
I have been running this race for along time. Not as long as some, but still along time. It started when I was 5 years old and I am now approaching 42.
I am still learning also. I suppose the day I stop learning is the day the Lord shows up at my doorstep to take me home.
The bottomline is we are all in this together and we all must be willing to put up with one another.
How many of us who had brothers and sisters always got along with our siblings?
Yet the main thing was no matter how often we ruffled each others feathers we still end up loving one another.
Our walk is not about being a Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ you name it.
No our walk is about seeking God while He may be found. Being the one that when the end comes we can hear "Well done good and faithful servant."
So can I hear an amen?
As I am going to be doing things different again. I got off track in some areas and the Lord is pushing back into the middle ground.
I have not heard the words "Be still and know I am God" in a while.
So I am going to do just that.
Waiting on Him while being still.


Like a Mustard Seed said...

I think God has been bringing us to a similar place, to have us return to focusing on teaching what is right, instead of focusing all the time on what is wrong. We too have found ourselves forgetting what it means to be still, and wait on God... Thanks for sharing this word...

Steven Owen said...

You D-H,
My wife and I were talking about the scripture in Luke where Jesus was at Mary and Martha's house.
Mary sat and listened to what Jesus was saying. While Martha thought she needed to be serving.
Yet Jesus wanted her to be still and listen also.
There is nothing wrong with serving the Lord, it is we also must not forget the rest.