Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is only one God and one Jesus.....

As we go on in our life in the United States it is becoming more and more obvious ,all of the different belief systems. I say systems because that is just what they are. They are systems created by fallen man to justify why they live the way they do. We have different sects and movements in this country.
This used to be a taboo subject and nothing was said. Meaning you couldn't tell who was a New Age or other.
Yet as we become more and more "politcally correct" and "diverse" people are embracing the next new thing. Even people who claim the name of Jesus end up in these trappings of the world.
There is one way that is constant and that is there is only one God of heaven and earth and He has one son in Jesus Christ.
And the word of Gods says there is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus.
All these other so called religions and movements are nothing more than remakes of old systems from ancient days. The Lord said, "There is nothing new under the sun."
Everything in life gets recycled and reused. Especially false religions.
What makes them false? They deny the diety of the Lord Jesus Christ. They deny that He is the Son of God. They deny in some cases His very existence.
As for those of us who know the truth and worship the TRUTH we need to be ready to speak out to those who deny the Lord. We should be ready in season and out to give the word on why we believe the way we do.
The United States is slowly falling down into a non stop spiral toward the bottom.
We have become a socialist secular embrace anything nation. We no longer live in a "Christian" nation. In reality there has never been a "Christian" nation. Jesus never came to take over an earthly kingdom. If that were so we wouldn't be having a problem getting the word out and seeing people saved.
Our life as Christians is going to get harder. We weren't promised prosperity, good health, and long life without trouble. Those are lies from the pit of hell.
Jesus said, we would have tribulation. He said the world would hate us. Our families would kill and turn us over to authorities.
What are we to be doing then?
Praying, preaching, serving, and discipling.
How are you doing on any of these? Have you been praying for the saints, or the government?
Are you out preaching the word to your city?
What about serving? When is the last time you helped another in need.
Who are you discipling? Anyone?
If we truly believe there is only one God and one Lord Jesus Christ, shouldn't we be out in full force telling people the truth?
It is time to get out from behind our hiding places and go forth proclaiming the truth.
Go and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, baptizing them in the name of Jesus.
Stop bickering and fighting among yourselves about what teaching or doctrine you follow.
Don't put labels on yourselves just so you can be distinguished from one another.
If you are a baptized believer and true follower then the only name we need to be known as is saints.

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