Thursday, May 7, 2009

If we Christians spent as much time listening to God as we do talking about Him...

Where would we be if we were to spend more time communing with God instead of talking about Him?
I am a fanatic when it comes to the move of the Holy Spirit in the scripture and the old rivivals of the 1800's. I love to read about the things that happened after people were willing to sacrifice their time to pray and seek God for His move.
There has been no significant move of God in over 100 years. Why would that be?
Probably because most of us Christians are too busy talking to others about the word instead of talking with the One who inspired the word. We are not willing to take the time in order to truly seek Him and hear from Him.
I for one still believe the gifts are for today. They didn't cease at the canonization of scripture. That is a fallacy. They also didn't cease at the so called second coming of Christ. Because He hasn't come back as some people believe.
No, they are still fully functioning today. Just not in America. And it is not because we don't have a need for them because of modern medicine either.
You see these are just some of the comments I have heard from fellow believers throughout the years. Someone told me once that they don't operate in America like they do in Africa or other 3rd world countries because we don't have a need for them.
You see how far we have become? Our unbelief in the American church has caused the Lord to not operate in America. We have all these riches and are in need of nothing. Even the Holy Spirit.
I am not advocating an abusive pentecostal way of speaking in tongues etc. No, I am advocating a true Holy Spirit move of God that is brought about by His people humbling themselves and praying for help from the Lord.
In most of the epistles Paul wrote he is always admonishing the believers to PRAY! In one of the books he says to pray without ceasing.
Jesus told the disciples that what He does they will do also and more because He goes to the Father.
I have come out of a non-denominational charismatic church over 5 years ago when I moved.
Then I went into a church that taught heavily on the soveriegnty of God.
You see there can be a balance. I can still believe in the soveriegnty of God all the while also believing that the gifts are in full operation today. We must see this in the word. Or else why are we told to pray? Why are we told to seek the best gifts. Granted the greatest is LOVE.
So if we love someone wouldn't we be willing to pray for them. If they are sick wouldn't we be willing to pray until something happens.
The word does say that it is appointed to everyone once to die and then the judgement.
Again that is no reason not to pray for a miracle.
Don't go around pray "Lord if it is your will". That is a lame and unfaithful prayer.
We should be praying with fervancy. We have a great redeemer who died on the cross and rose again in order for us to have an abundant life.
That abundant life is not a "prosperous get rich' life. No, it is a life filled with the Holy Spirit that in turn helps us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.
Everything in the bible is about Jesus. The gifts of the Spirit are all about Jesus. We need to be willing to seek God and ask for the Holy Spirit to help us in our daily walk. So when we come upon someone who is dying, maybe just maybe we can give them a hope of the abundant life.
It maybe that they are supposed to be healed so they can be a witness to others.
I have had miraculous healings before. Yet when you mention it to another believer they look at you as if you're from outerspace.
I am here to tell you that the gifts are real. They are functioning in the world and we must continue to seek God and hear from Him on what to do.
We need to get away from our phones, computers, books and whatever other distractions we have and get on our knees to cry out to God for His mercy.
Our lives should depend on Gods holy mercy everyday. We must be taking the time to hear Him and what He wants and not what we want.
Pray for a true Spiritfilled revival to come into the lives of Christians. So we can take this gospel message out with power. "You will recieve power when the Holy Spirit comes."

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