Monday, May 4, 2009

Just a fun note using all the blogs I read column. Enjoy!

As I continue to see the Gospel in 3-D it makes me realize how Agonizingly Honest Christianity should be.
Especially when you have a faith Like A Mustard Seed. All along while Reimagining Church.
So How Can I Be Silent when it comes to the Assembling of the Church.
Whether you are a Woman on the Vine, Douglas Weaver or the M Blog. I would still be Hungering for God in Conway Ar. as my Street Sign would say. It is all Real Christianity at work while learning about the Chronicles of an Evangelist.
In the end it is all for Christ Glory Alone, because we are the Family of God.

So, Caesura!

I hope this brings some joy. I just had the idea to use all the blogs I follow on my blog and make a story out of them.
I guess this could be considered a gift I have. lol!
Just don't read this post. Please go search out those blogs. I promise there is some great stuff going on.


Alan Knox said...

I loved it! Thank you!


Like a Mustard Seed said...

very clever, well done...

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blogpage from a link from another.

This is a great "plug" for these blogs and cute play-on-words.

Hope you will come visit my blogpage sometime, as we seem to have many of the same heart-thoughts about the Kingdom vs. the Institutional System.

~Amy :)
Walking In The Spirit

Douglas Weaver said...

Thanks bro! I love the format and will definitely look into some of those blogs you mentioned that I have not yet read.