Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David,Goliath, the church and Jesus....

Last week my wife told me about an article in the New Yorker. It was about a gentleman from India who took over his 12 year old daughters basketball team. He didn't know anything about basketball and the kids were new to it also. He watched how the other teams would play. He noticed that all the teams would play just one side of the court. Meaning their goal was to get to the other side of the court with the ball as fast as you can and try to score. All the while the defense would be there waiting to defend the basket. He then decided to play full court offense and defense. Meaning that the team would use the whole court and not do as the other teams play. When the ball was being thrown inbounds, instead of having his whole team on the otherside of the court, he would have them blocking the ball from being inbounded etc. .

This allowed his team to take advantage of the time restraint which allowed his team to get the ball and then score. You see his team of girls didn't have the talent to charge the goal. So they played within the rules and did it the unconventional way.

They ended up going all the way to the championship. Which they lost because the home team got to pick the referees and they didn't like the play. So they would call fouls on every little thing.
To check out the full story here is the title and link:
"Annals of Innovation
How David Beats Goliath
When underdogs break the rules."
by Malcolm Gladwell
Anyway as I had read this article it got me to thinking. That Christianity is an unconventional way of doing things as well it should be. We are after all not of this world anymore.
You see as the story brings out; When David arose to the occasion and went to fight the giant, he was given a sword and armor. Which in turn didn't fit his way of fighting. He didn't use manly weapons of warfare. He used a humble lowly little sling. It worked though. It did what was needed. Knock the giant out until David could then use the sword of the giant to take off his head.
Jesus did that also. He came down to this earth and went against Goliath. The religious system. And without anyone seeing it took down this system of sin and death. The giant in the Old Testament being slain and the giant in the New Testament got slain. Both by lowly little nobody's. Men who were looked at as helpless. Shepherds!
David was opposed, yet he won the battle because God was with him. In turn allowing his future people to live freely.
Jesus was opposed and yet he won the victory by his death. He killed the giant of sin and death.
Again in turn setting those who were and and are in bondage to sin free.
God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.
In this day the church seems to have become wise in it's own eyes. Or should I say what we call the church?
We have become rich and in need of nothing. Now comes along a giant slayer again. Which also is being opposed by the "norm".
Jesus wasn't the norm, and David didn't do things in the norm.
Unconventional wisdom is what God seems to use in order to bring in a new beginning.
Using people who won't compromise their beliefs in order to walk in the ways of God.
I have come to the point where I am not going to allow myself to be described by labels.
I have been a strong advocate of taking the name off the churches for a long time.
In saying all of this conventional ways says you must go to seminary, preach at a church, and fall into the norm.
Unconventional wisdom says you don't need to have a title to be a minister, you don't need be in a church to preach. You don't need a label to describe what you believe.
You see I am no longer calling myself Reformed, Charismatic or anything else that seperates what I believe from what others believe. I am not of Luther, Calvin, Arminius or any other historical man whose movements have been labeled.
No I am of Christ. If that doesn't help people then I can't help that. Because in the kingdom there is only One and He is Jesus.
It is not about IC vs. HC. It is about the New Testament being brought to life through the New Covenant. Jesus came to abolish not to restore traditions of men from the old.
We have become so tied up in our thoughts and in turn left our first love.
People return to the first love! Jesus!
Play the full court and stop trying to make a goal then runnig to the otherside to defend what you just did. We need to be concentrating on the kingdom and what Jesus has told us.
Our walk should reflect what we believe.
Not a name on a building or a label we put on ourselves.
This has gotten us nowhere. Except into useless arguements.
Don't think that I am strange just because I don't call myself one name or another. I personally have not been walking the conventional way for along time. As God has ordained it that way for my life.
The life I am living reflects that of what the Lord has put on my heart. I read the scriptures. I pray daily. I believe the gifts are for today. I believe in divine healing. I believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. I believe He is sitting at the right hand of God right now.
I believe He is coming back!
I try to live by faith. My walk has reflected that also.
I am a stay at home dad. That is unconventional. And I believe God told me to do that.
If I want to have a beer, then that is ok. If I want to dance. That is ok.
You see how far we have come? We don't need extra rules in order to be more holy or sanctified.
If you are doing something wrong and are a believer you will be told. By the Holy Spirit.
Granted now I don't drink beer anymore. I don't like to dance.
Yet if you don't feel convicted by it, then do it. Unless it causes your brother to stumble etc. as the scripture also says.
We must break free from the mold that was formed years ago.
Open your eyes to the heavens and realize what is the truth. Read the word of God and seek Him daily on your own and with others.
Goliath is being taken down.
The conventional ways are being destroyed. No more laws made by man. God is the rule maker and He also gives grace. Those who are His will know.
Let My people go! No more going back to Egypt and no more fighting the Goliaths.

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