Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't be like the little squirrel..Trust God!

Yesterday morning while I was taking my daughter to school there was a little squirrel out in the middle of the road. I was coming on it and slowed down. Another car was coming from the other direction. That little guy tried to go forward. And at the last minute turned back. He ended up getting killed when my back tire caught him. There was nothing I could do. It was in his paws to make the right decision.
The Lord used that to show me something. Sometimes when we are hard pressed on both sides we need to continue to move forward even when it looks worse and we feel safer going back. Because returning to where we were can mean death. Spiritually speaking.
I felt the Lord showed me, that is what would have happened to the Israelites if they would have went back to Egypt. They would have died thinking they were making the right decison.
How many of us in our walk with Christ come upon a situation where we have to make that crucial decision of continuing on or going back?
The lesson I feel is we must trust God even when the going looks rougher than the coming.
Don't turn back to what feels or was familiar. That could mean destruction.
If God has called you to do something or go somewhere then go. He will provide protection and provision.

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