Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who has believed our report? Isaiah 53;1

In the very first verse of Isaiah 53 those words ring volumes.
How many of us have been out witnessing about the things of Christ and have had people look at us like we are crazy? Sometimes it may even be from people who claim to be Christian.
What we believers have is truly the greatest opportunity ever given. That is to be a witness for what Christ did for us. Telling friends, loved ones, neighbors and strangers about the work of Jesus Christ. All the while knowing there will be some who won't believe our report. Who would believe that Jesus went through all He did just to save man from the wrath of His Father. I know, I believed and there are countless others out there who believed and there continues to be more.

I want to take the rest of this post into another way for a few minutes. Look at it from Jesus' pespective as He was speaking about His own death and resurrection when He spoke this to Isaiah the prophet.
I would ask that you read all of Isaiah 53 and as you do that reflect on the prophecy spoken by Isaiah. Reflect on the fact that as Jesus was giving this word by the Holy Spirit to the prophet what He may have been thinking. Knowing He (Jesus) was speaking of His own death.
Jesus spoke about those who He created were going to beat Him. Chastise, torture, strike Him and most of all He was going to be smitten by His own Father.
Smitten by God and yet He still came down to the earth as a baby. Grew up and no one recognized Him. He came into the earth knowing that the day would come when He was going to fulfill His Fathers will.
He died for the will of His Father.
Fast forward to the garden when Jesus was praying and then began to sweat blood. This shows the human side of Christ. How He was realizing the agony He was about to go through and He almost wanted to say no. Yet none the less He said, not My will, but Your will be done. He kept the cup knowing only He was the only one who could drink from it. The cup of life and death.
He took on flesh in order to take the wrath of His Father.
Jesus already knew what pain and suffering He was about to go through, because He spoke it to the prophet Isaiah. He knew it because He knew the will of God. He felt the sorrow from the human side and the knew what the finished work would accomplish because again He knew the will of the Father.
Jesus was ready to accomplish what He came down on this earth to do. He fulfilled all of the words of the prophets. He knew that when He said not My will, but Yours be done that He would rise again. He knew that once He fulfilled the purpose of His Father that He would be going back to the heavenly kingdom where He had came from. He knew He was going to be sitting at His Fahters right hand and was going to be forever interceding for the very people He redeemed.

Do we take the time to realize what Jesus did for us? How He is the only way to the Father, He is the only way for salvation, He is the only way period!
There is no other way to be redeemed. Only one way has been provided. And Jesus is that way.
Call on the name of the Lord and be saved. Believe the report of Isaiah 53 and the rest of the gospel. For those of us who already believe go and report to the lost all of what Jesus did for you.
Who will believe the report if we don't go out and proclaim it?


featuring chas pike said...

great steven, and timely

Anonymous said...

Dear, My problem is that man has lost focus of the message which is man. When the Prophet says 'who has believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed.....' we have failed to realize that Christ is the Report and also the arm of the Lord. Christ does not need to believe because he is the report and arm of the Lord. It is man that fell and he is the focus. Christ is but a sacrifice to bring man back to his dominion at creation.

For more than 2000yrs man has derailed from the truth and has achieved nothing. Jesus passed on the Keys to us but we have opened nothing. The gates of hell and death are still shut!