Thursday, April 23, 2009

They will run you out of the synagogues. John 16:2

As I present this post I am asking my brothers and sisters in the Lord for prayer. I also feel I must preface this post with the following:
I want to say that this post is in NO WAY meant to be hurtful to ANYONE. Apart of what this blog is about is to present things that happen along my Christian walk along with present the issues of the bible.

In the scripture in John 16:2 Jesus was warning his disciples He knew some would not believe their report.
What the disciples had was a new teaching, movement per se. Something not beheld before.
Because they were getting this teaching from God incarnate. They were living making history as the prophecies of the Old Testament were being lived out in their midst.
You see the word of God says there is nothing new under the sun. The Word has always been with us. Just in different capacities. In the Old Testament Jesus was speaking the word to the prophets. In the New Testament the Word became flesh and dwelt among the people. Now we have the Word in our hearts. Plus we have the Holy Spirit helping us live out that word.
That very Word is continuing to move. We have the written scriptures to help us live that Word.
The Lord has been moving amongst His people continuosly. He has never stopped. Once Jesus went back to heaven He sent the Helper. That Helper moved in the hearts of the apostles and caused a great stir amongst the "leaders" of that day. They were constantly in peril because of what they believed. Being put in prison, beaten and as is the case with Stephen stoned.
Those who beat, in prisoned and stoned the apostles and disciples were those who thought they were doing Gods work. They were trying to put a stop to what they considered a false teaching.
Well all they succeeded in doing was help it spread. Why? Because that is the way God has ordained it.
That sort of persecution continues today in many countries. People everyday are being beaten, put in prison and killed because of the Word.
In this country many are being persecuted not with beatings or prison, but with accusing words.
And I mean from the very people who think they are doing Gods work.
We have become so set in our way of doing something that when the Lord brings His true change we become hardened. We call it heresy! We call it divisive! We don't want the "flock" to hear about it. Because they may not be ready for it. All in the name of protection.
The work of God is and always will be controversal for some. We were never promised peace from our families and friends. No! Jesus warned us by saying we would be betrayed by those who love us. Those who think they are doing the work of God.
That is why we must be in continual prayer for each other and for those who feel they are doing God's work and yet are against it.
We need to be diligent in showing the love of Christ even when they use names that do not fit in describing the believers or even worse.
So when you are walking in the Lord and talk with others about Jesus be prepared.
I have personally had the word heritic, divisive and others used when describing my beliefs.
I have had people curse me for preaching the gospel.
But you know what? It isn't what I think or hear that counts. It is how can I reach these people for Christ is what counts.
It hurts when someone who is a believer uses these words against you, thinking they are doing the work of Christ, but if you have the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the Word do not fear.

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Like a Mustard Seed said...

We are definitely with you in prayer Steve....

For us, the persecution seems to most often come, not in some overt, aggressive form, but in a more subtle, almost manipulative way...

Usually what we hear is "oh, we are so saddened by what we hear you saying... or, "your tone is not very Christ-like..." or something else about our "method" or "tactics"... We have been accused of "divisiveness" as well, which is pretty confusing, considering how many countless denominations and subsects there are out there today. To us it would seem that the Body has already been divided up pretty well...

What makes people so "sad"? What is this "tone" they don't like? It's just the Truth, the truth that people don't want to hear...