Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is the Cross all the other 364 days of the week?

Well, with this Sunday coming up I felt a need to blog about what we are celebrating. Plus why do we put so much emphasis on one day over another when it concerns the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?
Coming from the Catholic faith years ago I used to take the Easter celebration real seriously.
It was one of the top holy days of the church. Even as I left the Catholic faith and entered into the evangelical group we still put as much importance on Easter Sunday.
I just heard over the radio about a pastor here in the states that wants everyone to become more holy during holy week. He stated, "He is going to follow all of the ten commandments this week." Man if he can do that then why did Jesus die for us?
Do you see how off base we in the Christian faith have become. We are to have seperated ourselves from the worldly things. Yet we continue in the same traditions. We are to be set apart. I am not going into any historical context about the pagan origins of easter.
What I want to get to is this;
Why don't we put as much emphasis the other 364 days of the year concerning the resurrection.
According to the word we are to take up our cross and to crucify the flesh daily.
If we are doing that then we are celebrating the resurrection everyday. We should be singing praises to the KING every waking moment.
I'm not saying we should stop resurrection day celebrations. I just feel we need to realize the importance of what Jesus did everyday!
He being Jesus, was crucified, died and buried. Then on the third day He rose again! He is alive! So we should be praising Him for this everyday. If you are called and are one of His then we have a reason to celebrate without all of the "holy" days before hand.
I praise the Lord and Saviour of my soul everyday when I wake up. It is a given. He gave me new life. I died and was buried with Him then He gave me new life.
Has He done that for you?
If so then you should be up dancing around praising Him always.
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! I love that name with all of my heart. He is the most awesome of all. He is the only true Saviour. The mediator between us and God! He is glorious!
The wonderful counselor almighty GOD!
We don't have to wait one day out of the year to celebrate!


Joel Spencer said...

After reading this article, I believe that you might be interested in my perspective of a very similar point. I encourage you to check out "From Cross To Crown".

I plan to check back often.

Steven Owen said...

Joel, thank you for stopping by and checking out what I wrote.
I did take the time and read what you wrote on your blog. As I stated in the comment on your blog.
Thank you!! You basically put into words what has been on my heart.

These Three Kings said...

great post! Yes, as Christianswa the gospel is a message we need everyday..we must preach this ,message to ourselves daily! The power of the gospel did not stop once we became continues to work amazingly everyday..this is our sanctification!
thanks for such a timely post!
cant wait to read more