Monday, February 23, 2009

What is wrong with saying a prayer to get someone saved?

I have been wanting to find a biblical example of the sinners prayer. You know what? There is none.None, zip, no inkling of anyone ever repeating a prayer after someone. Because that is not how Jesus nor the apostles did it. They simply said "REPENT", "BELIEVE" and "FOLLOW".

The earliest form of the sinners prayer began about 500 years ago. Wow, did some feel that the word of God wasn't enough to bring conviction on the sinner. You see according to my bible it says something like the Spirit blows where he wills.
No one knows where he will go. My bible also says, that those who don't believe in Jesus are dead in their trespasses and sins. Also the word says, One plants, one waters and GOD gives the increase. Hum!!! Sounds like God is the one who gets the person to believe, right? You see saints we are not called to make converts and gather #'s in order to make God look good.
No, we are called to proclaim the goodnews. We are called to spread the seed. Then someone else comes along to water, maybe by praying or preaching. Then God opens the eyes of the dead and gives them new life.
All of these "salvation crusades" are nothing more than a man centered program which does nothing more than making false converts. We are making false converts with the words "repeat this prayer after me and if you really meant what you just prayed you are saved." There is no conviction, no brokeness.
Do most people even know what sin is? I don't think a lot of Christians know what sin is. According to the bible sin is "lawlessness'. And what is the law we have broken? God's law. So if we broke the law of God it will take more than a prayer to save a person.
The person must see their need for a saviour. And the only way for a dead man to see is if Jesus gives them new life. I can't go to a graveyard and cry out Lazerus rise!!! In hopes of someone coming out of their grave and walking again. So what makes us think we can go out on the street and give a person a few words then have them pray a prayer in which after that we pronounce them saved. Wow! Then we can go flaunt our progress by telling people we led #'s of people to Christ. We get our pats on the back and walk with pride and arrogance. That is straight from the pit of hell. It is a false doctrine. The invitation system is a false teaching.
We need to repent from mans ways and go back to preaching the gospel and yeilding to the Holy Spirit as He does the saving.Google sinners prayer and you will see how many biblical scholars and teachers refute this false teaching. It is only 500 years old people.
Do we think we can do it better than Jesus and the apostles? Granted some may have been saved during a crusade, but I can tell you it is not 100's or 1000's at one time. Jesus fed 5000 at one time. How many continued to follow him? Some who were His disciples even walked away when He said that He and the Father were one.

Please read the word of God and do your own research to see what I am saying is truth.

That is why America is not a Christian nation, because we have come up with get people saved schemes that don't work.
It is our job to proclaim!!! I can't emphasise it enough.
I am not hard line or hard hearted, no I just want the truth to be procalimed. I can't tell you how many people I encounter when I evangelize who had "prayed a prayer" and then went right back to the life they were living. They are baptist, catholic, church of christ etc. yet they are not followers of Jesus. We make them followers of a system and not followers of Jesus!!!!

A friend of mine sent me the following which would be a more realistic sinners prayer:
Here is a sinner's prayer you could use:
The hypothetical prayer from Jonathan Edwards:

Dear God, whom I hate with all my being precisely because you hate and threaten me with hell, I hate this punishment perhaps even more than I hate you. Or, maybe I should say that I love my comfort even more than I hate you. For that reason I am asking a favor of you. I want you to make me love you, whom I hate even when I ask this and even more because I have to ask this. I am being frank with you because I know it is no use to be otherwise. You know even better than I how much I hate you and that I love only myself. It is no use for me to pretend to be sincere. I most certainly do not love you and do not want to love you. I hate the thought of loving you but that is what I’m asking because I love myself. If you can answer this ‘prayer’ I guess the gift of gratitude will come with it and then I will be able to do what I would not think of doing now—thank you for making me love you whom I hate. Amen.

That would be more realistic.
You see we are enemies of God! No one seeks God, no one is good no not one. We all have gone astray!! The words of Paul the apostle in Romans.Quoting Is. . So you see if we aren't seeking God how can we make a decision to follow Jesus when we are a rebellious people? Who are bent for destruction? Only the Lord can open our eyes and call us children of God in His divine timing.Pray for the laborers. Pray for the saints, and pray for the lost, but please don't get them to say a prayer that they really don't mean.
It is wrong. I am not judging. I am warning about a false teaching that needs to be exposed. It is a doctrne of demons.


Anonymous said...

Wow thats a sinners prayer. True on every word its important we get a handle what the Gospel is. Pop psychology and sociologist have made people so indifferent to sin that people no longer know what it is.

Michelle said...

"That is straight from the pit of hell."

Amen!!!! I so agree. This "sinner's prayer" is treated like some kinda magic spell. It is very sad.

This post brings to mind a five minute or so video I watched the other day:

God bless you and your beautiful family, sir. Keep up the great posts!


Steven Owen said...

I want to say thank you visiting Biblically Speaking.
Thank you both for commenting. As this is a very important issue that has singlehandedly helped make many a false converts since it's inception.
Keep voicing the truth in love,
Steven Owen