Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Series of thoughts and words.......

I want to preface this post with the following. I am a firm believer in the gifts of the Spirit. I believe they still operate today for all believers. I don't believe the canonization of the scriptures is the perfect spoken of in 1 Corinthians. I believe the scripture is speaking of Jesus Christ and perfect love. Which if you read from the beginning of the text it starts out talking about "love".
Love is more important than the gifts. That said let me continue with what I am about to say.
My wife gets dreams and she also has the gift of interpreting dreams. I also have been given words of knowledge from the Lord in the past as well as recently as yesterday. Some of what my wife has been given concerns the church.
Now before I ever new about "House Churches" or any such thing. I got a word from the Lord in 2003 concerning a New Reformation. He led me right to Acts 2:36-42. Where it talks about the apostles and disciples meeting and breaking bread daily house to house. At first I took it as being in the modern sense "cell" groups. Now after a few years and especially in the last I realize He was giving me the vision of meeting in Houses for church. Since I realized there are a lot of people doing just that. So I am not saying that it was a big revelation for all. No it was for me and a few others.
Granted there was more to that word which I will post later in another day or so.
Now to my wifes dreams. Again these were before we knew or even thought about meeting in houses for church other than cell groups. Some of her dreams concern what the Lord is doing in the body. I will also be posting them on this site in the next few days.
I say all this to sort of get people ready as the format of this blog will be different for the next week concerning these subjects. I also want to say that I DO NOT believe any word the Lord gives to an individual supercedes the scriptures. I do believe it is apart of what God continues to do in believers and is subject to being scrutinized by the scriptures. It is not equal!
Saying that I am also a firm REFORMED believer. So that is where I label myself a Reformed Charismatic.
So I will appreciate any comments on what I just wrote and any of the future posts coming up.
As this is an open forum subject to the topics at hand.
Sincerely, Steven

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