Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My wife's you have fingers?

The following is a dream my wife got in 2006. I must warn it talks of amputations...
It is very interesting and reflects what seems to be happening today in the body of Christ. Again I don't place this higher than the Word of God.

"I had a dream that the government made a statement. They were going to take some sort of action if a certain result from a 'previous plan' doesn't occur the way they think it should.
Well, the government was NOT pleased with the results so they called together a team of doctors who worked for the government. The doctors were to amputate the perfectly formed fingers of babies. I actually watched as they carefully removed one of the digits and held it up for all to see. The whole hand was to be done that way. It was a deperate feeling that washed over me as I sat and watched."

The following is what she felt the dream meant:

The government: is the "system" of religion and that which is passed from generation through seminary, traditions and man centered teachings.

Doctors: those mature Christians within the body of Christ who should be looking after the newborns well-being; The pastors, elders and other mature Christians.

The babies(like tiny newborns): represent the newest memberes in the body (new believers)
Body of Christ. People who are young in the Lord and have recently given their lives to Christ.

The conclusion:
God has fully equipped each member in the Body of Christ, but the "traditional" church is set up to strip members of the fullness and completeness of what God has for them. Members end up "disarmed" and needy because they can't function properly and fully within the church. They end up dependant on the church leaders instead of finding freedom when the Body of Christ gathers.

*fingers are very tiny and are only a small percentage of our entire make-up but the role that they play in our daily functioning is great....they are amazing things.

Again this is a dream from my wife and the interpretation.


Like a Mustard Seed said...

wow, that is such a clear, and chilling, picture.... it really fits with scripture too.

I really like that illustration of babies without fingers (okay, I realize it's God's illustration, not yours) It so fits... Whenever I'm engaged with someone in the "I.C." about God's heart for His bride, it seems like the typical response is something like, "well, there's no perfect church...", as though they're really not bothered by anything...

It's kind of like if someone came across a baby that just had all it's fingers cut off, and casually said, "ehh, nobody's perfect, at least it's not totally dead..."


Steven Owen said...

Daniel, when I read what you said about someone saying "there is no perfect church" that resonated in my spirit.
If you don't mind I feel another blog topic comming using that statement.
And yes at least the baby is not precisely why people say why bother with rocking the system.