Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Adam was the first person in this creation.
Jesus is the first person in the New Creation (1Cor. 15:23)
Adam was God's administrator. (Gen. 1:28)
Christ is God's Annointed who is King (Matt. 1:16)
Adam was the head of the human race. (Gen. 3:20)
Jesus is the Head of the New Creation (Rom.5:12-24)
Adam's actions brought sin and death. (Gen. 3:16-19)
Jesus' actions inputes righteousness for those who believe and follow. (Rom. 5:12-19) ,(1 Cor. 15:20-22, 45-49)
Adam joined Eve in rebelling against God. (Gen.3:6)
Christ brought redemption for His bride the church (Revelation 19:7-9)
Adam's nakedness required the sacrifice of an animal to cover it. (Gen. 3:21)
Christ was slain to cover our nakedness from sin. (Mathew 27:27-35)
Under Adam we experience lonliness,hatred, violence and rebellion against God and others. Through Jesus' redemption we can experience true life and a true love as only God can give.
We can boldly come before our creator and worship Him freely.Adam was the first man.
Who instead of following God, he rebelled and in turn cast all of creation into a life of sin and death.
With no hope!
Jesus became the second Adam in order to restore what was taken in the fall.
In turn freeing all who call on His name and believe in order to worship and have eternal life with our creator.
Jesus is our true hope! Only He can bring about true change. No one else was or ever will be able to bring hope or change like Jesus.

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