Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Will the true Christian please stand up!

When I was a little tike there was a show called "To tell the Truth." The format was there were three people behind a table answering questions from some celebrity contestants. The contestants had to guess which person was telling the truth about what they really did for a living. So the other two people being questioned would be lying about what they did in order to trick the contestants.
Then at the end the real person who was an author, professor or whatever profession the topic was about would stand up revealing that they were in fact telling the truth. If one of the contestants guessed right they would then win a prize.
My question would be as Christians would a person be able to tell if we were trully Christians or not amongst others? You, see I again am around a lot of people who profess Christ, but there is no fruit. The world basically couldn't tell the difference. So there are alot of imposters out there and we are to be a lamp amongst the darkness.
So will the true Christian please stand up!!!