Thursday, December 11, 2008

On "Binding Satan"

This is something I have been wanting to bring out for a while. Especially when in prayer meetings and other meetings. The following site presents some good views of where we stand in this type of warfare.
Click on this:
On "Binding Satan"


Phillip Fletcher said...

Satan? Who is Satan? All I ever hear now a days is the "enemy." Are we talking about a terrorist, Al-Qaeda or some wacko trying to kill kids? (Good blog topic)

Great reference Steve. The whole binding Satan doctrine is a misunderstanding of binding and loosing in regards to discipline that is explained in Mt 18.


Steven Owen said...

You know it is misunderstood. If we were able to bind satan then we could have the whole earth in peace. The only place in scripture where satan is bound is in Revelation and then it is Jesus who does it not us.
We need to know our boundries from the word.