Monday, December 15, 2008

What do you get with three Christians and two drunk women

You get to be where myself and two others were the other night. There is a gentleman we are ministering to who is leaving the drugs and alcoholic life. He is a man we only met a month ago, but there is a Christ-like relationship developing. As myself and two others were at his house the other night listening and talking two ladies showed up. One is an old friend of his from his old lifestyle and the other was someone she picked up just to ride around and drink with.
I must say it was an amusing time. Seminary nor churchology teaching couldn't prepare you for this kind of ministry. We had discussions of how they were raised in church and know the bible just as well as we do. To one of them wanting to give me her number so she could debate me when she was sober. I will say the word got proclaimed and hugs were given before it was all over. Tension was in the air, but before we left laughter came. You see I feel we can be to stuffy in our theology and presentations of giving the gospel. Sometimes you just need to loosen up and listen. All the while being prepared to give a testimony. I don't know what will transpire from this meeting, but I do know that Gods word won't return to Him void. The word was proclaimed to two women who was drunk and were definately not Christian despite of what they said. Again not passing judgment. I just know that they weren't showing the fruit of the gospel. And that is another one of those casualties from people who were raised in church and told your saved. They are out there and they are perishing. We need to be ready in season and out. Our whole purpose of going to that house was to minister to the gentleman yet we ended up speaking to more than him. Only God can orchestrate things like that.


Tommy said...

Amen brother. They put on quite a show didn't they.

Steven Owen said...

Yes, we need to get out more often!