Monday, October 19, 2009

A word from W. Carl Ketcherside

Greed for money is at the bottom of much of our sad plight.

Men make a profession of dispensing the water of life which God has freely given to all.

They then inaugurate a special caste to minister in this profession and demand support from the rest of God's children.

Others see an opportunity to make gain and seize power by instituting organizations to produce and train the professional clergymen.

Theological seminaries under the guise of Bible colleges are begun and again a tax is levied
against the "clergy of God" to produce a special clergy which will steal the very privileges of
those who pay tribute to this earthly hand-maiden to produce them.

Eventually the simplicity of God's original plan of priesthood becomes so obscure, that those who plead for a return to the old paths are derided, maligned and laughed to scorn.
-W. Carl Ketcherside

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