Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just a word and thought!

In my journey walking with Christ I have never been the "normal" sit in your pew kind of Christian. I have always been the type of Christian that was hungry for the word and wanting to know more. My heart has always been striving for that goal that Paul mentions in the scripture. I have not and will not waiver!
That is not to say that I haven't sinned or will not continue to sin in the future.
The difference is that I am forgiven. As no one is perfect in their walk with Christ.

Every since I was five years old I have been on a journey God has called me too.
I wasn't walking in His ways all the years, but I can look back now and see at different instances where He was involved in my life. All the while trying to get my attention.
I thank God for all He has and is doing in my life and the life of my family. I praise Him for my wife of 19 years +. I praise Him for my 4 beautiful children.
My home is at peace and my life is great.

My walk with the Lord has been and is a great journey that I would not change for anything.
He has spoken to me in different ways throughout my life and though I didn't always listen I always knew it was Him and He had a plan for me.
I am not an arrogant man. No, my confidence is in Christ who called me to this wonderful walk.
I have my convictions and beliefs. And again I won't waiver from them.
I don't need to explain myself in order for people to know that I believe in the only Son of God.
There is nothing that can change a mans heart except the Lord who uses His Holy Word and His Holy Spirit.

Most all of my life the Lord has kept me questioning why! Why, do we do this in the church? Where is that in the bible? Who says this is correct?
And now I have been coming into more of the truth and the light of what God has been showing me. I have found people on the internet through blogs, facebook etc. that are on the very same journey asking the same questions.
I have met people in person and still fellowship with some who had the same question. Why?

This word is for all of you!

Continue to move forward in what God is showing you! Don't get discouraged in being let down by others. Don't allow the enemy to put thoughts into your mind that you are crazy for not staying with the status quo! And don't allow money or the love of money to stop your journey the Lord has you on.
Don't be like the Israelites who were set free from Pharoh and the system of Eygpt and were promised a land of milk and honey. Yet they waivered and made what was supposed to be a short journey into a 40 year journey.
Don't allow the machine we call "church" in America to bring you down.
Don't allow the attacks upon the truth to make you want to stop moving forward.

This is not some issue that will just go away with enough opposition. No, because what God starts He finishes.

Martin Luther didn't waiver when his life was being threatened! He didn't cower to the powers to be in the system.
He continued the race until his death.
This reformation God has us on is going to continue. It is not a new thing as some would have us believe. This move God has us in has been going on since the beginning.
So continue the race and continue to encourage one another.
Pray for one another and continue to show the love of Christ to all!

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