Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cross of Christ was bloody and violent!

The cross that Jesus died on was Bloody and Stained!
Jesus took the wrath of God upon Himself for those who believe in HIM!
That same wrath is still held upon the lost!
And quite frankly what we have done to cheapen the gospel to one of only love is what has lead us into the dispair we now have that we call Christianity.
Jonathon Edwards saw the hypocrisy that beladened his congregation and knew that unless God did something they would all perish!
In turn having gotten on his knees and crying out for his lost congregation the Lord gave him this sermon that had the power and backing of the Holy Spirit!
In turn people were cut to the heart convicted and seen their need for a Saviour.
I have been reading lots of history on the revivals.
In those revivals many people were truly saved until one of the great fallacy's of Finney!

Who brought in the alter call.

I will say that Finney did contribute a lot of good in his time, but I feel the whole alter call could possibly overshadow some of those other things.

In today's time we have alter calls being substituted for the "Call". Call on the name of the Lord and you will be saved. And we also have easy believism that is a heresy!

Which in turn brought in a whole new generations of unbelieving people into the congregations.
Now what we have is people who don't want to be offended, and pastors who don't want to lose anyone by offending them with the truth.

Jesus first words on the scene were REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!
John the baptist called the religious of his day a Brood of vipers!

We are to be using the whole bible as the word says it is good for reproof, rebuke etc......

To leave out some very very important parts of the bible in an attempt to not offend people is doing an injustice to the Lords work.

The sermon Jonathon Edwards presented was to his church! People who thought they were saved. There comes a time for us to be gentle with people. And then there comes a time that we need to stir them out of their seats of complacency.
We are in that time of stirring them out.
How many churches do we have in the U.S. ? And yet this nation is failing and full of lost souls.
Just like there were back in the day of Whitfield and the like.
Those men saw the desperation of what was needed to bring the people back to God.
They didn't need a seeker sensitive message of Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.
They needed to hear the truth about God's wrath that was on them.
Read Revelation where the words says "I will vomit you out of my mouth."
That is not gentle, that is a loving God who warned the people to Repent, but they didn't. He is speaking to people held up in Churches!
Lost hypocrites! People pretending to be one thing and yet are totally another.
As a parent I love my children and give them hugs and praise them when they are doing good.
I also have to discipline them and show some harshness when they are going astray.
God chastises those whom He loves.
So to just be one who only preaches the love part of the bible and nothing else is wrong.
The wrath is upon the lost, that is biblical. And unless we are out there warning the people what is impending upon them, there will be no need to tell them of the love.
I also know there is the time for grace. And in Gods wrath there is grace!
Because He so loved the world that He gave!
The cross was not a pleasant non violent issue! It was a wrathful, harsh, bloody and violent death Jesus suffered for us.
That must be told also!

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