Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Building one another up in order to stir each other.

Words of the bible. Build and stir.
Who is the wise master builder?
Who is the one who will build HIS church?
Why do we come together in our meetings?
How is it that when you come together each of you has.....!
You see Jesus will build HIS church. Not mine or yours or anyone elses. He is building HIS!
In doing that we are to come together in HIS image to build and stir each other up.
Why? Why do we have to be the ones building and stirring each other up?
Can't Jesus just do that through us individually?
Yes, He can and He does. Except that He chose us specifically to be helpers for others.
We are His hands, feet, arms, legs. He is the head. What does the head contain?
It has the eyes, mouth, ears, brain.
He is our eyes, mouth, ears and He is our maker who has all the ability to do all things for His glory.
Yet He uses our hands to shake, hug and grasp others. He uses our feet to run, walk and go help get us to where we are to be helping.
When I work out I use my arms, hands, legs and feet. Not to mention abs etc. Without them I would be helpless.
So why does Jesus use us to build one another up? Because we are the physical location of His body on this earth. We are the ones who serve Him. By doing.
We are the ones who feed His sheep by working.
It is all who are His who are needed to do the work.
I honestly don't know where I am going with this thought or if it even makes sense, but I felt the need to blog about this.
I see what is happening and how we are seperating ourselves from the rest of the body at times.
We must stop. We need to be apart of each others lives.
It boils down to this. If we are to build and stir one another, then we need to be in relationship with each other.
All for one or one for all!
We are in this together, so let's walk accordingly. Christ gave Himself for the church! The pure spotless bride He is going to have when He comes back.
Go and and stir.

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