Friday, September 11, 2009

Men we need to be praying!

"I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling." 1 Timothy 2:8

Gentlemen, it is time to pray! It is time to take up the mantle that God has put upon us as leaders of our families! It is time to stop the quarreling and bickering! It is time for us to stop cowering down and start rising! We need to be less prideful and more humble!
We need to be about our Fathers business!

For years I have been a strong advocate of praying. I have longed to see God move among His people and take us to that next level of His glory.
Yet in most of my Christian life it has been the women who have been the delegated prayer warriors. While the men did other things.
Why is it that few men want to get together and pray? Why is it easier to get men to a golf outing or a barbque than it is to get them to a prayer meeting?
Why is it that the men have left their first love to chase after other things?

We want revival without sacrifice. We want to see people saved without first plowing with prayer.
We want the gifts without doing the work.
Adam wasn't there when Eve needed him! Where are we when our ladies need us?
Where are we when the women come together to pray?
Our role is to be head of our families! The head and not the tail.
I am hungry for more of God and I know it is going to take more than just talk. It is going to take more than just going and handing out tracts. It is going to take more than feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and preaching the gospel.
It is going to take all of us to come together and pray to the Lord.

In the book of Acts the disciples were in the upper room until they were indued with power.
Were they just hanging out planning their next move? No, they were praying and fasting.
Another area where we are weak is in fasting.
Prayer and fasting go hand in hand.
We need to be willing and hungry enough to do it as led by the Lord.

Most all of the revivals in the United States were led by men who were hungry!

Those revivals were birthed out of prayer.

I am not saying the women don't have a role in any of this. I am saying that it is usually the women who have taken up the mantle that God delegated to the men.
Great women of God have travailed through prayer and many other things throughout the years.
Yet in this day and age there seems to be very few men who are willing to sacrifice!
We make excuses on why we can't come together and pray. We may say well that worked for the culture back then, but we are in a different culture.
Then change, REPENT!
It is going to take a sacrifice of our time to get together and watch God move!
Are you willing to do what it takes to come together with others and pray for the move of God that we so desperately need?
Are you willing to sacrifice the time it will take to get together with your family and lead them in prayer?
For those who are single are you willing to sacrifice your extra pleasures in order to see God move?
Please hear me in this and know that I just want to see revival in our time.
I want to see the Spirit move and people being saved.
I want to see men on their knees crying out for more of God!
Our wives and children need to see us men on our knees being real!
Again for the single men out there, you want to impress your lady? Then be a man and get on your knees and cry out to God in prayer.
Go to the back of your bibles and look at the concordance under pray, prayer and prayers.
See how many references there are to be praying for one another.
Be all you can be in God's army!

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