Saturday, September 12, 2009

How desperate and hungry are you for God to move again?

"In Massachusetts Village of Northampton, a black gowned Congregational minister of God knelt in prayer. He was burdened for the 1100 souls of the little town who, he was convinced, were afllicted with the deadly spiritual disease of the day." Excerpt from the book America's Great Revivals The story of Spiritual Revival in the United States. 1734-1899

That man was Jonothan Edwards. The man who preached "Sinners in the Hands of an angry God."
Whatever your thought is on whether we should use the law or not in our preaching and presenting the gospel is not what I am concerned with.

The point that I am trying to convey is first and foremost he was so desperate for God to move upon the lost souls that he knelt down and prayed.

Here is a description of the condition of the day in 1734.

"The conditons that pressed Jonothan Edwards to his knees that Sunday seemed black indeed. Gone was the God-fearing generation that had settled the land.
The new generation had forgotten God. Immorality, debauchery, self-interest ruled.
Few worried about the next world. Even those who held to the externals of religion had lost the heart of it."
Pg. 6 of same book.
Does that describe what is happening now in our nation and world?
A resounding YES!
They adopted what was called the "Halfway Covenant".

Meaning as long the people would assent to the doctrine of faith and weren't scandalous in life they would be allowed to continue fellowship etc.

Later George Whitfield came onto the field. He preached in meetinghouses, barns, fields and from wagons. Every place he preached people were convicted of sin and driven to the foot of the cross.
He didn't use gimmicks!
He first prayed and then was led by the Holy Spirit.

Ministers were being converted in the Whitfield meetings.
Ministers who were never converted!
We have that today. We have men in the churches preaching the gospel of which they themselves haven't been converted by yet.
"Whitfield spoke so vigorously against the practice of sending unconverted persons in the ministry."
Another issue of that day was the influence of the colleges among the children.
Which was not a good influence.
Something we are experiencing today.
Our children go to college thinking they are Christian and come out indoctrinated by the non believing professors.
"Eastern colleges were rife with the skepticism of the age. Lawlessness ruled on the Western frontier."Pg. 26"
There were few churches, few praying people.

The established churches, most of whom had sided with England in the struggle for independence, had lost their influence."

"The ministers were agreed on one thing---a revival was desperately needed. What shall we do about it?they asked themselves.
The only answer: PRAY!

They issued a "circular letter"calling all of the people to pray for revival.

That started in January 1795. In November of that year the prayers were being answered!

We need God and we need to be on our knees crying out for revival.
I am not talking about these so called revival meetings where once a year a church brings in a special speaker and they meet for a week and nothing changes.
No, I am talking about a fullfledged truth revival that only God can send using His Holy Spirit!

It doesn't have to be an orchestrated effort as the Lord will do what He wants!

He doesn't need men to jump in and take over.

No, He wants us to humble ourselves and if necessary fast, but for sure PRAY without ceasing!

My question is this: Who's with me?

Who is willing to take time out of each day and truly cry out for the Lord to move amongst His people in this world?

Who is hungry and desperate enough to wait on the Lord?

I am going to be bringing this issue up as often as I feel led.

This is something I feel the Lord has put on my heart to push and press into!Tarry, Tarry, Tarry!
Until the Lord comes!Come Holy Spirit rain down on us!

This is something the Lord has been burdening me about and we need to get serious again!

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