Thursday, December 16, 2010

A question?

Today this thought came to me and I am asking this as a question.

Where is the unity of one faith that is spoken of in Ephesians in today's modern church?
Considering that in most of the American churches there seems to be a competition between each group trying to get the most people even if it means taking from the others congregation.

What are your thoughts on this?


Alan Knox said...

From what I've heard, in the modern church (especially in America) the unity that we read about in Scripture is either localized (i.e., the local church must be united), spiritualized (i.e., we're united in spirit if not in life), or eschatologized (i.e., we will be united in heaven). I think either of these is a deviation from the unity that we have in Jesus Christ - now and with all believers - real, relational, active unity.


Steven O. said...

Alan, what you have said is how I have heard it also since becoming apart of the church.

Yet, I also agree that those are a deviation from what is spoken of in scripture.

I cannot help, but think of the words being of one mind in Christ.
It will take the Holy Spirit to help us all become that. Along with crucifying our flesh in order to live with each other in that unity. :)

Like a Mustard Seed said...

Over the last few months, I have been becoming increasingly aware that the division, institutionalization and fragmentation of the Body of Christ is no accident, and neither is it simply the product of human error and arrogance (although that certainly plays a big role...)

All of a sudden, I found myself astounded at how over the last few years, I have repeatedly approached the basic question you are asking here from this same, human-centered perspective... It seems to be the predominant one. Yet, the more I look more closely at scripture, the more I am repeatedly brought back to the same truth, that is, that the Body of Christ and the Gospel of Jesus have a very real advesary, and that mankind isn't merely stumbling his way through history, blindly adding superfluous religion and traditions and so on, all on his own. We are not merely the victims of doctrinal mistakes and institutional accumulation. No... We live in a day and age where the Enemy has now had 2,000 years with which to distort and attack the message of Christ...

I do believe however, that there will be a more intense experience of unity in Christ for many people, as we approach the Day of the Lord. It will be a deep unity, the kind that is only formed through the joint experience of undergoing persecution for the sake of Christ...

Steven O. said...

Daniel, amen! I am in the process of writing you a snail mail letter.
So much on my heart and I feel it will be better spoken through written letter form.
The Lord has been dealing with me on some of the same issues.

Craig said...

I've been asking this question myself for some time now. I wrote a post almost 2 yrs ago asking nearly the same question ( and I have yet to see it or experience it. I do believe that unity is only to be found in a particular locale rather than a worldwide unity. In my own journey I have given up the search for unity and instead seek Jesus first, believing that where the Head is, the body will be close by.