Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An excerpt from Spiritual Authority...

I have been laying off the blog a lot lately. My comments and thoughts have mostly been posted on my facebook page.
I have so much in my heart to talk about and blog yet I haven't taken the time to really sit down and put it on here.
Today I just happened to pick up the book Spiritual Authority, by: Watchman Nee. Love him or not he has lots of great insight into the work of the Lord.
Though not many have ever heard of his writings. I would highly recommend most of his books.

Anyway I happened to turn to a page in his book that I had marked a while back and this is some of what I read.

"God does not look at how fervently we preach the gospel or how willingly we suffer for Him; He looks to see how obedient we are. God's kingdom begins when there is an absolute obedience to God-no voicing of opinion, no presenting of reasonings, no murmuring, no reviling.......Although God has His first-born Son who is the first-fruit of obedience, He is waiting for His many sons to be like the First-born. Wherever there is a church on this earth which truly obeys God's authority, there is testimony of the kingdom and there Satan is defeated."

Nee continues by saying, "Satan is not afraid of our work so long as we act on principly of rebellion. He only laughs in secret when we do things according to our own thoughts."

Our works should be the works of God and His will. What we have as opinions should not usurp the word of God. We should be willing to hear each other out only as it pertains to bringing glory to the kingdom of God.
Why should we continue to express ourselves openly in a negative light in front of the whole world?
If we were truly following the Lord's word which is confirmed to and in us by the Holy Spirit then shouldn't we be wanting to help one another?
I am asking these as a question.
I am and have been hungry for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit.
I still believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit for today.
What are we to do without the Helper?
Nothing, because left to ourselves we become worthless rags. Isaiah talks about our righteousness is as filthy rags.
Let knowledge pass away, but love endures forever.
Praise God for His word and for His Word!
Use them wisely!

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