Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does a farmer harvest from his house?

Of course the answer would be no. The farmer goes out and plows the field, plants the seed and then waits as it grows then he harvest what he has sown.
So what do we do as Christians concerning the lost? You see there is a harvest of lost souls out there. For some the seed has been sowed. Now comes the water. Then comes the increase. The bible says that God gives the increase. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful. So why aren't we going out to gather? We can't hide out and hope the harvest will come in on it's own.
I wonder sometimes how we expect to reach the lost when all we do is go to a place and gather with others to hear a word, sing a song and then go home.
You see we were called to go out amongst those who are sick, dying, hurting. SINNERS!!!
How do we harvest from our house? We don't and that is what is wrong. A lot of "farmers" are gathered at the building while the grain is rotting. We need to be going out and reaching the lost. It hurts me to see so many hurting people and they have no hope and yet we who are believers have the answer. Yet we just go hang out with those who have already been harvested.
We need to be replanting the seed and harvesting when it is ready.
Just think about the title and ask God where have we gone wrong? What part do you need to be playing when it comes to harvesting?

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